Players choose to be either a criminal or an enforcer and are matched against each other in fast-paced, third person action. The criminals aim to create a city rife with violent crime. The enforcers are pitted against them, protecting the civilian population and fighting the criminals at every turn. Want to commit a robbery with your friends? You can, but watch out because another group of players will be out to stop you!



The law enforcement within APB is carried out through the Enforcers, a collective of private polices forces, “special forces” units, and “guns for hire.” Though many players will abide by a strict code of conduct while playing as an Enforcer, they are not limited by what they can do and many will act with extreme prejudice only distinguishing themselves from aCriminal by the fact that they carry a badge. The primary objective of the Enforcers is to prevent, respond to, stop, and contain criminal activity within the city of San Paro.

Organizations- Praetorians, Prentiss Tigers



The Criminals of San Paro are the driving force behind the primary game activity within APB. The Criminals prey on the city - including the civilians, the cars, and the businesses.Enforcers are sent out to try to stop them.

While working for the Criminals, you'll report to the Blood Roses (based in the waterfront district) and the G-Kings (based in the financial district). These two NPC criminal organizations will issue players objectives and missions. Through carrying out these objectives, a player’s actions dictate what occurs throughout the rest of the world.

Organizations- G-Kings, Bloodroses